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CQUniCares Caring for Country Ecosure Scholarship Program

Ecosure is excited to partner with CQUniversity to create a scholarship program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students undertaking an environmental science degree. The scholarship is called ‘CQUniCares Caring for Country Ecosure Scholarship’. As partners, CQUniversity identifies prospective students, and Ecosure works with the University to select the candidate for the scholarship. Once both the student and Ecosure have committed to the relationship, the student can work up to 2 days a week in the local Ecosure office as a paid employee, depending on their University commitments. This will help identify those with early aspirations for careers in science and create a career path for these young people within our businesses. This is a ‘hands-on’ relationship between the student, Ecosure, and the Indigenous Student Engagement Unit at CQUniversity to ensure success for the student.

Please see a link to the scholarship below:


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