Ecological Restoration of conservation areas

Ecological Restoration of Government Conservation Areas

One of our local government clients, the City of Gold Coast Natural Areas Management Unit and Ecosure are working together to restore significant parcels of land across the Gold Coast including Lower Beechmont, Bally Mountain and Trees Road Conservation Areas.

The restoration of approx. 680 hectares at Lower Beechmont Conservation Area requires a number of approaches including weed control using a range of techniques across a diversity of vegetation types; planting to stabilise part of the riparian area; large scale weed control following fuel reduction burns; and the maintenance of all previously worked areas to ensure the continuing health of more than 30 hectares. Timely maintenance has kept costs down and ensures the recovery of native species so over time minimum maintenance is only required.

GV320_MM.PP1 29-6-2009   GV327_MM.PP1 22-10-2009

Trees Road Conservation Area, June 2009                      Lower Beechmont Conservation Area, October 2009

GV320_MM.PP1 19-5-2010   GV327_MM.PP1 8-6-2011

Trees Road Conservation Area, May 2010                       Lower Beechmont Conservation Area, June, 2011

GV320_MM.PP1 1-7-2013  GV327_MM.PP1 28-6-2013

Trees Road Conservation Area, July 2013                         Lower Beechmont Conservation Area, June 2013

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