Flying-fox Property Management Plan

Flying-foxes are protected native Australian mammals that play a vital role in ecosystem health. There have been instances where flying-foxes create issues for humans when they roost in close proximity to human populations or particular amenities.To assist in addressing community concern, Ecosure was appointed to develop a city-wide flying-fox management plan as a framework for managing health, economic and amenity issues associated with identified flying-fox roosts, while providing for their protection and conservation.

Ecosure surveyed 32 roosts and through site assessment, extensive community consultation and desktop analysis, determined the values and potential risks for each site. The team used GIS to put each roost in a regional context and modelled suitable habitat characteristics to map other potential roost sites. Management options for each site were included in the plan, which included an education strategy based on a professional phone survey commissioned by Ecosure.

It is expected that this strategic, regional approach to flying-fox management will become the standard for the management of all species that interact with humans across south-east Queensland and the rest of Australia.

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