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Ecosure covers 430kms completing extensive ecological surveys

Working for Arrow Energy, Ecosure recently completed one of the largest ecological surveys undertaken in Queensland. Surveying for the Arrow Bowen Pipeline alignment in central Queensland, a team of 30 environmental specialists covered more than 400kms over a three month period performing hundreds of pre and post-wet flora, fauna and aquatic surveys.


This was a very big job, but one that we always knew our team was more than capable of completing. Not only did we finish within the client’s time frame, we delivered the superior quality of work that Ecosure has become known for,” said Principal Botanist Alan House.

Ecosure’s Safety Management System yet again received excellent client feedback with Arrow Energy awarding Ecosure its highest safety banding (green) during the tender stage.

Ecosure’s Safety Management System is industry leading and fully certified to AS4801. It’s something we work very hard to maintain and pride ourselves on for the safety of our people,” CEO Matt Smyth said.

Ecosure’s top ranking safety model meant the team could deliver the large-scale project under Ecosure’s own Safety Management System. Surveys were completed with zero injuries and maintained full compliance with Arrow Energy’s stringent requirements.


Ecosure’s team of environmental specialists who worked on the project received high praise from the client for their professionalism and dedication to the large scale project.

I received several reports of the team’s excellent effort in the field regarding the way members conducted themselves and capability in the field,” Helen Wood from Arrow Energy said.

Comprehensive technical reports were delivered on time and client expectations were exceeded. Ecosure not only demonstrated its exceptional ecological skills, but also the company’s logistical expertise when it comes to working on large projects requiring specialists across a variety of environmental disciplines.

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