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Environmental Consultant Michael O’Grady returns to Townsville

Recently environmental consultant Michael O’Grady moved to Townsville to head up Ecosure’s North Queensland Office, as Regional Project Coordinator. Michael brings with him his passion for the environment, a great attitude and skill set from his 5 years with Ecosure in Central Queensland, including vegetation management, fauna management consultancy, fauna surveys, advanced GIS, water quality monitoring, environmental legislation and project management.

Originally from Townsville, he is looking forward to rediscovering the diverse regional ecosystems north and far north Queensland has to offer. As an avid hiker, he is excited to try and tackle the formidable Mount Bartle Frere (Queensland’s highest mountain) which he is yet to tick off his list. From the nearby Great Barrier Reef to the rainforests of Paluma and then further west to the drier savannah behind the coastal ranges, the areas around Townsville are unique to this part of the world, for which Michael’s skill set will be well utilised.

Thanks to having studied at James Cook University in Townsville, Michael has extensive experience working in many of these exceptional ecosystems. Michael is looking forward to getting out and meeting with existing and new clients, assisting them to preserve the world’s natural brilliance.

For more information please contact Michael O’Grady, Regional Project Coordinator, Townsville at

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