wedgie nest relocation

World first wedge-tailed eagle nest relocation

In early 2019, Ecosure was hired to relocate a wedge-tailed eagle nest from a site in Queensland that was scheduled to be cleared for an industrial development. A wedge-tailed eagle nest, to our knowledge, has never been relocated before. The project was managed by Ecosure’s Wildlife Field Team Leader Ben Gunston, who has extensive experience as a fauna spotter catcher and environmental consultant in southern Queensland.

The bird nest, with a diameter of approximately 1.7m, was removed from the tree by cutting the branches around the bird nest and then securing the three main lateral branches the nest was sitting on with a crane. The trunk of the tree supporting the nest was cut and then lowered to the ground into a pit dug to accommodate the structure. Strapping was positioned around the bird nest which was carefully separated from the tree trunk and supporting branches with the crane.

A strong, lightweight aluminium cradle, custom-made to hold the bird nest, was manufactured and a post with the suitable height, diameter and strength to hold the cradle structure and nest was manufactured from another tree that was scheduled to be removed from the property. The tree trunk was stripped of its lateral branches and bark, transported to the relocation site and installed into a concrete foundation that had been prepared. The nest was then placed on the aluminium cradle structure, transported to the relocation site, lifted by crane and securely attached to the tree trunk. Ecosure continues to monitor the relocated eagle nest for structural integrity and evidence of occupation by the local wedge-tailed eagle population.

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