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Flying-fox NSW Grants Program

The NSW State Government has pledged $1 million for councils to assist managing community impacts of flying-fox camps. Funding, matched on a 1:1 basis (including in-kind), is available for

  • preparing a camp management plan (CMP)
  • implementing emergency actions at camps where there is a significant community impact
  • implementing approved actions in (completed or draft) CMPs, such as education initiatives, habitat restoration or creation, buffer creation, subsidies to impacted community members.

Grant applications to implement actions under an existing CMP close on 26th August 2016. Applications for funding towards emergency actions and CMP development close on 30 April 2017. The guidelines for applicants can be found here.

With 20 years of experience in flying-fox management, Ecosure can assist with a range of services including:

  • preparing a camp management plan or revising an existing plan
  • mapping known and potential flying-fox habitat
  • community engagement and education initiatives such as workshops or forums about flying-fox ecology, camp management, human health and animal welfare
  • risk and impact assessment of flying-fox camps to identify actual risks vs perceived threats the community
  • camp management actions such as creation of buffers by selectively modifying vegetation or with deterrents
  • implementing emergency flying-fox camp management measures, camp dispersal activities or disturbance in accordance with a detailed dispersal plan.

Ecosure’s experience working with councils across NSW and interstate means we understand the dynamic nature of flying-fox populations and we also recognise that flying-foxes can impact on communities differently.

Ecosure is pleased to offer our assistance to mitigate flying fox impacts and develop site-specific, cost-effective solutions that are in the best interests of your community as well as flying-fox conservation.

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