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Queensland Vegetation Offset Opportunities

Did you know that there is a pool of funds available for Queensland landholders from paid vegetation offsets that have resulted from development?

The government has started to release some of the funds through vegetation offset tenders, that landholders can consider for their property.

In relation to offsets, your property needs to meet the following criteria:

  • The vegetation needs to be Category X, or remnant vegetation that can be improved
  • The offset area can be grazed
  • The offset area needs to be allowed to regrow to remnant vegetation
  • The offset area could not be cleared in the future, though thinning may be allowed
  • The offset area should be managed for weeds.

The table below lists the current offsets in progress. Other offsets are likely to be available soon.

Offset MatterAmount per haRequirementsDate to register interest

12,400 ha

$600Regrowth eucalypt forest

Northern brigalow belt region

Koalas in surrounding area

Minimum 2000 ha

28 July 2020

If you are interested, please contact Geoffrey Sinclair on 07 4994 1000

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