Barking Owl City Wide Significance

Species of Citywide Significance

Identifying, and agreeing upon, species of plants and animals that are important to a city presents significant difficulties particularly if a robust, rigorous and repeatable methodology is required. This was the challenge presented to Ecosure by a south east Queensland local government.

Ecosure’s team of environmental consultants began by developing a framework to be approved by a panel of experts. Once agreed, this was populated for every species that had been identified as present within the City. This, however, required the alignment and consolidation of a large number of data bases before applying a scoring or weighting methodology. At each stage, inputs were considered by an internal panel of experts within Ecosure before the outputs were assessed by a panel of local experts. This required a great deal of sensitivity to ensure that, through this consultation process, each of the expert’s opinions were carefully considered and accommodated.

The result has been widely accepted as exceptional and has provided the client with a definitive and extensive list of the important species in the City. Ecosure are particularly proud of this work and are comfortable that the method that they have developed can be applied to any local government area.

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