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11,000 ha of additional national park for Queensland

Ecosure welcomes today’s announcement by the Queensland government of the addition of 11,000 ha of land to national parks within Queensland. The land, previously forest reserves, includes forests around Bulburin National Park west of Bundaberg which will help protect many of the threatened species in that area, including the long-nosed potoroo and the critically endangered Bulberin nut (Macadamia jansenii), which is down to 40 individuals. The changes also include land adjacent Danbulla and Kuranda National Parks near Cairns and Atherton, and significant additions to Dryander National Park (Proserpine) and Kelvin National Park (near Mackay).

These changes are welcomed as the preservation of areas as national park is one of the best ways to ensure that Queensland’s unique wildlife and forests are protected for future generations to experience. National parks are recognised as the cornerstone of efforts to conserve the world’s biodiversity, and a critical source of ecological services that support our quality of life.

While currently 8% of Queensland’s total land area is declared protected, State government has committed to increase this to 17%, which would bring Queensland in line with the global target set by the Convention on Biological Diversity (of which Australia is a signatory). Today’s announcement is certainly a step in the right direction.

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