Ben Gunston

Ben is the Field Team Leader for the Ecosure wildlife team. Ben has been an integral part of the wildlife time for over 12 years and has extensive experience as a fauna manager in the zoo and environmental industries. Ben plays a key role in managing native Australian white ibis between Rockhampton and Sydney under a DES-approved Species Management Program.

Ben is responsible for training of staff as they join the wildlife field team and their ongoing management.

Ben holds a current category A & B weapons licence for humane euthanasia of pest or fatally injured animals. He is licensed to purchase, carry and deploy 1080 baits (for the eradication of pest animals in NSW).

Ben has been involved in flying-fox dispersal projects for the past 8 years, managing roosts between Central Queensland and Sydney. Ben has also played a key role in various pest management projects and fauna spotter catcher projects.

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