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Clearing under the VMA for rural landholders – Accepted development clearing codes

Self-assessable vegetation clearing codes have been recently re-named to ‘accepted development clearing codes’ (ADCC) under the new Planning Act 2016.

The accepted development clearing codes allow rural landholders to clear vegetation for common rural management practices under a self-assessment system. This includes:

  • Clearing encroachment vegetation
  • Thinning vegetation
  • Fodder harvesting
  • Clearing Category C and Category R (regrowth) vegetation on leasehold land
  • Weed control involving clearing remnant vegetation
  • Fencing and other property infrastructure in ‘of concern’ and ‘endangered’ vegetation.

The clearing codes require notification to the Department of Natural Resources and Mines (NRM), with a map of the clearing area and the REs being cleared. Any clearing of vegetation needs to meet the requirements of the clearing codes.

Ecosure has helped hundreds of landholders navigate their way through the clearing codes by:

  • Identifying which parts of the property can be cleared under the codes
  • The density and type of trees to be retained for thinning and encroachment applications
  • Maps and details of the areas that are required to complete the forms for the clearing
  • Consideration of other legislative requirements that have to be considered prior to clearing vegetation.

The accepted development clearing codes only allow clearing under the vegetation management framework, so it is important that other legislative requirements are also considered prior to clearing. As part of the reporting for clearing codes, Ecosure identifies other legislative requirements that apply, to identify what other permits are required or areas should be avoided, this includes issues with:

  • Protected plants under the Nature Conservation Act 1994
  • Threatened ecological communities under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Cth)
  • Forestry requirements
  • Animal breeding places under the Nature Conservation Act 1994

To help with on-ground clearing Ecosure has also developed mobile mapping systems (that work without mobile coverage) to help identify the precise location of the clearing extent, so as to ensure you will avoid potential compliance issues.

Contact: Geoffrey Sinclair in our Rockhampton Office on 07 4994 1000

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