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Phil Shaw

Managing Director

Phil has worked in the environment industry for nearly 30 years. He is founder and Managing Director of two very successful Australian companies – Ecosure and Avisure. Since 1994 Phil has grown Ecosure into an award winning company that is now one of the largest ecology-based environmental consultancies in Australia.

Phil is passionate about delivering practical environmental outcomes. He achieves this primarily by inspiring those around him, and he has earned a reputation as a visionary who long ago adopted the triple bottom line philosophy, well before it became expected business practice. Stakeholder and community engagement and guiding committees are particular strengths. He has chaired, participated in, or provided technical advice to more than twenty committees relating to various environmental matters.

Phil is one of the world’s leading professionals in the field of bird strike risk assessment and mitigation within the aviation industry. He is internationally recognised in this field, having completed projects in Asia, the Middle East, North America, South Pacific, New Zealand and Australia. Phil sat on the International Birdstrike Committee’s Steering Committee for four years and is the only Australian to have done so.

Phil has reached this status through years of dealing with overabundant and pest species. He started his career many years ago in urban pest control, including teaching the industry’s TAFE course. He recognises that the key to managing a species is having a thorough understanding of its biology, deriving consensus on its management through engagement with key stakeholders, and then providing innovative approaches to management techniques.

Phil has a strong background in environmental management with a broad ecological appreciation having been involved in vegetation management planning, fauna survey and assessment and air, water and soil quality testing. His skill in understanding how to manage overabundant species is often also of value to recovering populations of threatened species.

“My vision is for Ecosure to be the difference that changes forever and for the better, the way people care for the environment.”

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