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Flying-fox Forum & Strategic Vision

Ecosure were proud to sponsor the 2016 National Flying-fox Forum in partnership with EIANZ and Logan City Council during National Threatened Species Week. The forum was just the second National event focused on flying-foxes in 30 years.

The program included a half day field trip to Emerald Woods Flying-fox Roost and Redcliffe Botanical Gardens as well as a full day forum at the Griffith University EcoCentre.

The field trip allowed participants to view first hand that actioned recommendations can benefit the community without harming the native flying-fox colony.

The forum was attended by 75 participants from 38 different bodies including local council, government and industry across Queensland, New South Wales, the ACT and Victoria. After being inspired by speakers with decades of experience and an engaging panel discussion facilitated by Ecosure’s Managing Director Phil Shaw, participants enjoyed contributing to the draft National Flying-fox Strategic Vision.

Ecosure has just finalised the National Flying-fox Strategic Vision and Background Paper. The Vision is based on 4 key themes including flying-fox and habitat conservation, camp management, policy and research, responsibilities and stewardship. Ecosure has consolidate the details discussed at the workshop into the draft National Flying-fox Strategic Vision. If you would like more information about  the Vision or flying-foxes in general please contact Ecosure’s Principal Wildlife Biologist Jess Bracks on 0411 491 593.

National Flying-fox Strategic Vision

National Flying-fox Strategic Vision Background Paper


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