Jess Baglin

Jess has worked at Ecosure since 2007 as a Senior Environmental Scientist and has had a number of roles during this time. Jess is currently the team leader of the Gold Coast Consultants, manages multiple client projects, overseas the Australian White Ibis Management Program (AWIMP) and coordinates a multi-stakeholder committee – the Ibis Management Coordination Group (IMCG). This has led to experience in project management, quality assurance, scientific writing and stakeholder liaison. Previous experience as an environment guide has also provided Jess with skills required for environmental education and interpretation.

As a Senior Environmental Scientist, Jess has managed numerous ecology projects for local and State government as well as private and resource sectors. During this time Jess has had experience in using a variety of terrestrial field survey techniques, including fauna trapping (e.g. pitfall and Elliott), call playback, spotlighting and confirming Regional Ecosystems. Jess has developed various environmental management plans for clients, providing and implementing mitigation measures with demonstrated successful outcomes.

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