The places Ecosure goes: South African safari!

Originally from South Africa, Ecosure Ecologist Nicola Catanzariti grew up on a small wildlife reserve in the northern region. Nicola now calls Australia home, so when she was invited to attend two weddings back in South Africa she grabbed the opportunity to show her partner, Peter, where she grew up and what inspired her to become an Ecologist!


Who went: Nicola Catanzariti, Ecologist, and husband Peter

Where to: South Africa including Sun City, Pilansberg National Park and Cape Town

Why: “Went home to visit friends and family and attend two weddings!”

What was seen: “Four of the “Big 5” (lion, rhino, elephant and buffalo. The leopards were a bit shy), went on a safari by elephant back and got to see a rhino and its baby. We also cuddled lion cubs, gave a hyena a belly rub and took photos with a cheetah. In Cape Town we saw wild baboons, Cape fur seals, we even patted an African penguin as it was going for its scheduled walk in a Cape Town Aquarium!” 

What was it like: “Amazing! I loved showing Peter where I grew up and what made me become an Ecologist.”

Seeing all these magical creatures in their natural habitat made us feel like we were in a David Attenborough documentary. Poaching is still a great threat to these animals, especially the rhino’s, however continued education and other measures are made every day to protect them for future generations to enjoy.

One of my favourite moments was at The Palace, Sun City where we had a wonderful dinner and watched as an African thunderstorm rolled in. Just sitting there with the smell of rain in the savannah with thunder and lighting in the background was truly special.”


Nicole with Peter and the Elephant
Pilansberg National Park
Nicola and Lion Cub
Akwaaba Lodge and Predator Park
Boulders Beach, Cape Town
Cape Town
Cape Town, South Africa
Views across the Savannah
Sun City, North West Province, South Africa
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