Dr Con Lokkers

With over 35 years of research, survey and consultancy experience, Con has developed skills across a broad range of environmental sciences, including a comprehensive knowledge of environmental legislation and policies for all levels of government. Con’s expertise lies in the fields of botany, ecology and entomology, while his knowledge of environmental issues spans environments across Queensland, Northern Territory and New South Wales.

Con has extensive experience in the survey, assessment and management of native, exotic and protected flora at local, regional, state and federal levels. He has managed and conducted ecological assessments for a broad range of projects, including linear infrastructure (gas, water, power, telecommunication, rail and road corridors), urban infrastructure (residential development, utilities) and industrial development (mining, primary production, energy). Assessments have included ecological components of environmental impact assessments and federal EPBC Act referrals. He has developed and implemented monitoring programs for council reserves, travelling stock routes, linear reserves and Defence training areas. He has conducted numerous protected plant surveys in south-east Queensland for council and industrial clients. He has also developed ecological management plans for government and industry clients, which have involved extensive consultation with government, industry and community stakeholders.

“Beause there is no planet B”

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