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Jess Bracks

Wildlife Services Manager / Principal Wildlife Biologist

Jess is a Wildlife Biologist with over 16 years’ practical experience in the veterinary, zoo and consulting industries. During this time, she has had extensive experience surveying wildlife using a variety of terrestrial and aquatic techniques. She specialises in risk assessment and managing human/wildlife conflict, with demonstrated successful outcomes developing and implementing mitigation measures for a diverse array of wildlife.

Jess is passionate about driving pragmatic wildlife management policy and threatened species recovery and conservation; balancing the needs of community and conservation. Jess has achieved successful outcomes for local, state and federal government as well as the private and resources sectors through advising on policy and developing and implementing management plans for a wide range of threatened fauna

Jess has played pivotal roles in facilitating various multi-stakeholder groups with a focus on coordinated and strategic wildlife management at regional and national levels. Jess has co-convened and facilitated the annual National Flying-fox Forum since the inaugural event 2016. Each has been attended by around 100 delegates from government, research and conservation sectors across Australia. Jess is driving a National Flying-fox Strategy and Working Group to ensure a consistent and strategic national approach to flying-fox management and conservation.

“I envisage a world that thrives.”

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