Rachel Bycroft

New to Ecosure, Rachel started in July 2019. Previous casual consulting experience with Red Sand Ecology based in south east Queensland. Duties included fauna spotter catching, water monitoring, erosion and sediment control auditing and soil sample collection.

Majority of experience comes from academic and research industry. Taught statistics, hydrology and geomorphology at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Worked as a research assistant on various marine and coastal based projects, such as; Crown of Thorns (COTS) histology and chemosensory lab work, turtle nest site selection, marine and estuarine underwater surveys, and coastal raptor/ scavenger surveys using different camera trapping methods, coastal hyper-spatial drone mapping. Conducts coral health surveys in personal time for Coral Watch, and turtle nesting surveys for the Biocollect database.

Particular interest in marine/ coral, remote sensing, GIS, and coastal related projects.

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