Ellie Kirke

Ellie joined the Ecosure wildlife team in July 2019 after receiving first class honours from the University of Queensland for her study on the northern quoll on Groote Eylandt. She has extensive experience surveying and monitoring wildlife populations across Australia, including in the Northern Territory, South East Queensland, South Victoria and East Gippsland. Prior to starting at Ecosure, Ellie undertook an internship at the Conservation Ecology Centre in Cape Otway, where she gained knowledge of conservation practices, threatened species monitoring techniques, fire ecology and feral species management. Her additional experience comes from volunteering and working for organisations including Wildlife Unlimited and the University of Queensland (Hidden Vale Wildlife Centre).

Ellie holds a strong passion for threatened species conservation and wildlife health and is currently expanding her knowledge in these areas through a postgraduate degree at Murdoch University. Since being at Ecosure, she has also developed a keen interest in human-wildlife conflict management and has contributed to projects involving flying-foxes, black-backed gulls, dingoes, macropods, ibis and seagulls.

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